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Needing a Little Color?

Updated: Mar 10

Spray Tans

We are now offering rapid spray tan; within 60 minutes you will have all over 10x moisturizing organic and anti-aging tan! We have 3 color options: Aruba- a cool chocolate brown (brown/caramel), Hawaii- a warm chocolate brown (brown/cinnamon), and Cayman-Deep Golden Brown (golden brown/butterscotch).

We offer Pre Tan-Tanning gift set, this set includes a deep clean shell exfoliant to use before you get your spray tan, and a skin glow light tan extender, velvet soft moisturizing creme, and shower glow DHA-infused body wash to use after spray tan (to help extend the life of your tan). Your tan will last about 7 days or with the Pre-Tan Tanning gift bag about 10 days. We use Aviva Labs Solutions which produce a superior, deep color with absolutely no orange tone. High quality ingredients guarantee an even, golden color that looks and fades like a real tan. Aviva Labs believes their solutions should give an unparalleled performance while keeping a focus on healthy, natural products.

We will offer spray tan packages in the future. Schedule your spray tan appointment with Kelsey either online or call us 812-243-3176.

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