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Managing Stress in Our Daily Lives!

Updated: Mar 10

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There are several ways to help with daily stress in our lives. Finding one that is helpful to you is important. Sometimes you may need to do several activities to help eliminate stress in your life. Other times, you may need to reach out and get professional help. Please do not be ashamed of getting help, we all have times that we need help with daily stress. Here are a few of my favorite ways to help me relieve some stress from my life. 1. Getting a massage does wonders for helping to relieve tension and tightness from our muscles, due to holding onto stress. Adding hot stones or essential oils are a great addition to any stress relief massage. 2. Exercise: finding some kind of movement. It can be taking a walk around the block, going to the park. For example, I love to run, so on the hard days I will go for a run. If this is a challenge for you find a friend, neighbor, or your significant other to go with you. Bonus! Going with someone gives you someone to share your stress with. 3. Your pets or finding a place to volunteer with animals. Animals are amazing at helping you feel better. I have a few dogs, but when I am really needing some extra help, I go to a horse sanctuary and work with the horses. Sometimes I even just clean stalls, brush horses, or clean equipment. 4. Limit your alcohol intake. Alcohol is a depressant and will only increase your stress. 5. Take time away from social media. Although social media can be positive, a majority of the things we see online negatively affect our mental state.

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