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  • Davida Cartwright

Hot Stones

Hot stone massage can relieve pain and tension in your muscles due to the combination of massage therapy and heat. When treating sore muscles, heat can be helpful. Heat therapy aids in boosting blood flow to a region of the body, which speeds up healing. Think of the pleasure of being made warm by a fireside on a chilly day and you’ll understand why the heat of the hot stones is so comforting and relaxing. With hot stones, one of the significant benefits is that the heat from the stones penetrates your body, bringing many of the benefits of massage to a deeper level. It allows intense muscle relaxation, enabling the massage therapist to work deeper, without the same pressure they would need to apply in a deep tissue massage. Many practitioners of hot stone massage believe that one of the real benefits of this type of massage is its ability to draw toxins to the surface of the skin and eliminate them through the body’s natural sweating process. Make sure you drink plenty of water as the heat can cause you to sweat and dehydrate. Plus, the movement of toxins is best managed by flushing water through your system.

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