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A Brighter Smile is Available Now!

We now have teeth whitening, is your smile needing to be brightened? Kelsey can help you be more confident with your smile in as little as 40 minutes! We are offering 2 treatments: The Essential Teeth is 40 minutes treatment that will lighter your teeth up to 6 shades, and The Works is 60 minutes that will lighten your teeth 4-14 shades. After your initial treatment is complete the 6 Week Teeth Maintenance is available that takes 20 minutes.

Kelsey uses DaVinci Teeth Whitening is a natural, plant and mineral based laser gel, that contains no preservatives. The gel will strengthen your enamel, in non-abrasive, safe for existing dental work, and fast & effective with immediate results.

We offer a few at home maintenance products TrueMineral Treatment, a 10-minute treatment will replenish teeth with vital minerals to strengthen enamel, safeguard against enamel erosion and tooth decay, also helps eliminate sensitivity during and after whitening. Home maintenance kit contains mouth tray, tray case, gel, shade card, and instructions, Maintenance pen a convenient way to brighten your smile quickly and instantly without having to rinse. Shield and Shine sealant no more waiting after whitening, use anytime you want a shimmering smile.

Schedule your appointment today to get a brighter, more confident smile online or call 812-243-3176. Kelsey is here most evenings from 4:30-7.

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