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Diana Bramblett - Massage Therapist



Diana has been practicing as a professionally Licensed massage therapist to date for 27 years and specializes in Deep tissue, Stretching for relief of pain, head, neck and shoulder work for pain, painful headaches, and CranioSacral 1, and myofascial work as well as a pregnancy massage. As a licensed massage therapy instructor, in Texas (lic#MI01308), she has taught science classes including anatomy, physiology, pathology, kinesiology over 15 years; as well as being a continuing education provider with the State of Texas. (lic#CE:1427). In 2007, Diana also earned a certification from Texas Chiropractic College in Applied Clinical Nutrition, and is an EFT (Tapping) provider, with a degree in Psychology.  

Tel: (812) 243-3176

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